Thursday, March 3, 2011

all things...yellow

I would say that yellow is very fast becoming one of my favs! I absolutely love it. I mean, who doesn't love a sunny yellow flower or a bright yellow smiley face? Just begging you to "don't worry, be happy". We have sprays of sunflowers in our Library at work and they are there all year. I love how they tell me to smile all the while.....and sometimes that is hard to do when 5th graders are involved! Let me tell you!

Today I would have loved to have this amazing yellow polka dot umbrella (wait is it polka the dance? or poka??). It rained off and on.....
I am having a bit of spring fever....or maybe yellow fever....because I cannot wait for my roses to bloom! I didnt get all of them pruned back before the first a little more work than usual....but I still cant wait!!
....and I just want these shoes so very badly. But only to go with.....
...this sweet little outfit!! oh yes!

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