Thursday, March 3, 2011

all things...yellow

I would say that yellow is very fast becoming one of my favs! I absolutely love it. I mean, who doesn't love a sunny yellow flower or a bright yellow smiley face? Just begging you to "don't worry, be happy". We have sprays of sunflowers in our Library at work and they are there all year. I love how they tell me to smile all the while.....and sometimes that is hard to do when 5th graders are involved! Let me tell you!

Today I would have loved to have this amazing yellow polka dot umbrella (wait is it polka the dance? or poka??). It rained off and on.....
I am having a bit of spring fever....or maybe yellow fever....because I cannot wait for my roses to bloom! I didnt get all of them pruned back before the first a little more work than usual....but I still cant wait!!
....and I just want these shoes so very badly. But only to go with.....
...this sweet little outfit!! oh yes!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Check it out! I have this other blog...yeah I know! ha! But, it is way my favorite and I tend to neglect this one. (sigh) But give it a look see!
I lalalove it!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am so addicted to this little device! It is way more fun than it should be!! Unfortunately...I waste too much time on it. I am so hoping that is because it is new and shiny and adorable and handy..... it follows me around wherever I go too! *sigh* I will go downstairs and turn around and there it is, smiling (always smiling) at me.....and saying... "come play". I always give in. How can I resist? Then I go upstairs and ...BOOM!...there it is again! Of course, I give in! *another (much bigger) sigh*......

Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon

This movie is SO amazing!!! I know it will more than likely be my favorite this year! It is so brilliantly smart. When I saw the previews...I thought, man! I don't know about the animation of the dragon. But, I was so surprised at how very much I loved this movie! You know when you are leaving the theater and you think...."I want to see that movie RIGHT NOW!!!" ?? Yeah....that!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Took the grandsons to see Alice In Wonderland today! Love Tim Burton and this movie was so much better than I originally thought it would be! Absolutely LOVE the actress that played Alice. Of course, loved Johnny Depp!!! (who doesn't?) Even though he was mad as a hatter! ha! But the animation and the art work....fantastic! as you can see by the picture below!! Love those flowers! I just loved every little thing about this movie! One thing I love is that they put the Jabberwokie poem in there....well only partial. But how many kids (or grown ups for that matter) know that poem? And who was the big, bad villain.....the Jabberwokie! LOVE. IT!
The grandsons asked me afterward...what is a jabberwokie??? So, we started talking about Lewis Carroll and then about the poem. As in the words of Brandon..."That movie was AWESOME!!"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


We had a celebration for Alex's birthday on Sunday. (Check my other blog for the recipes!!) But, Emily sat down on a little stool to eat her chocolate covered strawberry.....I thought it was so cute.
Then Ames sat on her lap and we all laughed!! Had to take pics of it! ha! What a hilarious pair they are. Family Sunday dinners are the best!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Grandma Porter's and Cinnamon Rolls!

Alyssa and I went to my mom's house and while there made some cinnamon rolls! It was so fun. We all laughed and carried on like school girls! ha! Then when the rolls were rising we ordered Grandma's favorite...barbecue chicken pizza without cheese. Yum!! We love hearing her stories about family and mostly about her parents...well, her dad actually. Her mother died when she was 3. How sad. Alyssa is named for her...Mary Elizabeth = Alyssa Mary Beth! Lovely.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

welcome back and happy day!

We had everyone over for dinner on Sunday....even Ken was home!! Ken and I made Julia Child's
Beef Bourguignon. I add Ken because he was my right hand man and regular go-to guy for the 5 hours it took to make!!! AND it was well worth it. Everyone absolutely enjoyed it. (if you want the how to you can go to my other blog...Peggy Cooks Things.)
And, yes, we did light ALL 20 candles and set that little carrot cake on fire! ha! I was a little disappointed in the recipe. I need to remember to go to my mom's and get her recipes and copy them!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alyssa is HOME....sort of!

Alyssa came back from Maryland today. BUT, she is already down in her new place in Orem! Yike! It is a yellow, they call them "the yellow house girls"...kinda cute. (I know, Alyssa, you hate that word!) They even have these yellow t-shirts with a house and stick figure girls....way cool! There are 6 girls living there besides her and they all seem really upbeat and I think she will have a fabulous time!!! Each girl has their own room! AND Alyssa has her own exit from her room!! There is also a house next door that is owned by the same people. It has guys, but I don't think a color pertains to them! ha! Alyssa's landlady is young and cool. Her step-dad owns the two homes and she is landlady for the "yellow house" and her brother is landlord for the guy house. This is Alyssa in her new digs. Welcome back, sissa. We missed so, so much!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

the rest of the story

ok...Wednesday night at Urinetown the Musical, the actress who played Miss Pennywise, got injured during the finale of Act I. Paramedics were called and so was an ambulance! They cancelled the rest of the show. It was decided that Emily, my AMAZING daughter-in-law, would work all day Thursday on that part and perform THAT night! Even I had butterflies in my stomach for her. I have been doing theater for a few years and I can't even imagine doing that!! I drove down and saw it ...mainly because I wanted to show support for her. She was absolutely FABULOUS!!!!! She killed the part in total awesomeness. I loved her way....WAY better than the other actress. (shhhh-don't tell anyone I said that!) This is a picture of her as Bestsy Two Shoes...which she also rocked in!!! and Ames as Officer Lockstock ...(OH and his sidekick is Mr. Barrel! ha!) Great show, Awesome show!! Alex and I are going tonight for the closing performance.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Need a bridge built here!!

I don't think I have ever missed an opening night of any of Ames's shows! And this is one show I REALLY wanted to catch opening night!!! BUT, because of UTA and those little high school brats stealing all of the is sold out as well as tomorrow nights! EESH!!! (Crying buckets of tears here!) So ridiculous! I do have tickets for Monday and closing night as well......and I will probably just show up a couple of times, with out warning, and buy a ticket at the door!! ha! I just hope those little neanderthals realize what a treat is in store for them tonight and tomorrow night!! Gosh! What madness! I will be thinking of you Ames and Emily!! You guys will be so ridiculously and awesomely amazing!!! Rock it out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

How Many?

I just read Emily's blog about favorites and she wrote about TV. It really got me to thinking about what I watch. I am so addicted to some shows. I mean, Alex told me about a show and said I should watch it (actually he told me about 2 shows! ha! Just what I needed!!) So, 30 Rock! O my heck!
Talk about addiction and withdrawals! I watched all seasons frantically. Couldn't get enough and when I was caught up.....I really missed Tina! That woman is so amazing! Can't wait to get home and watch the episode that aired last night! The other show Alex mentioned is Chuck...o my heck!! I am SO in love with this computer nerd who accidently becomes a spy! It is called a "dramedy" and I swear they better NOT kill off Captain Awesome! I know I will stop watching it if they do! Hopefully he is just kidnapped. yeah, and there I go! ha!
There is Lost, Office, NCIS (hello! it's Dinozzo, come on!!) The Closer, White Collar(stars one of the characters that was in Chuck!!), Burn Notice, CSI's and not to mention my 4 Reality shows...SYTYCD, American Idol, Survivor, and Amazing Race....O wait! 5 reality shows, cause there is also ANTM. Gosh! or as Tina would say..."blurg"
But my most fav and the one I am so anxiously awaiting is PSYCH!!! Man! Those guys make me laugh SO much. I need to get season 3...can't believe I don't have it! I know it is pretty corny and people tell me that it is easy to figure out the plot...and I say to them, it isn't about that! It is about Shawn and the Guster! I even get Tweets from Lassie! ha! Yeah, I am pretty pathetic!